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VNN (Vimbai Natasha Naomi) is a Zimbabwean fashion designer whose work is an expression of art. With a masters degree in fashion , she has dedicated her mind to seeking out genuinely creative methods in her design process , offering a unique interpretation of her imagination to the world.

Vimbai Chingosho is the brains and talent behind this home grown fashion label VNN (Vimbai Natasha Naomi). She refers to herself as a ‘fashion artist’, rather than a fashion designer as her work is an expression of art.

What story are you telling the viewer through your fashion & visuals?

VNN recently released her SS16 Collection entitled ‘Floating Storm’, which looks at a women’s strength in her vulnerability. Vimbai created the complete collection herself from pattern making, sewing, creative directing, to the photography.

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She shared with us her unique dose of storytelling, and touched on elements of her design aesthetic, and how she came about her unique aesthetic & design signature. We explore the topic of ‘developing Your Own unique signature’ in our next session, so watch this space.


VNN’s Signature Detail at work


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